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Teeth Replacement

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are several options for replacement teeth. Below is a description of some of the more common tooth replacement options

  Dental implant

 Tooth-supported fixed bridge

 Removable partial dentures

  Complete denture

  Resin-bonded bridge

Smile Designing

Our expert doctors assess your condition initially and take the necessary records and give you an idea as how you would like to change your smile.

  Composite laminates

 Ceramic veneers

 Metal free crowns CAD-CAM crowns

  Tooth contouring & Shaping

  Metal free crowns CAD-CAM crowns

  Short term orthodontic bracess

Surgical Tooth removal

There can be a number of situations where surgical technique might be used (either as a planned, anticipated or even impromptu procedure). They include:

  Broken or fragile teeth.

  Dense or inelastic bone.

 Root tip removal.

  Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth)

 Anatomical issues (long or curved roots).

Teeth Alignment

Teeth alignment can be performed at any age, and various techniques may be used, including clear brackets, in order to achieve dental aesthetics even during the treatment process.

  Regular brackets

  Clear brackets

 Lingual orthodontics

  New, innovative techniques


 Invisalign, pre-planned aligners

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures.


  Procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require sutures

  Certain procedures do not require anesthesia.

 Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized.

 Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated.

Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation treats the mouth as a whole, rather than addressing each dental problem as a separate, unrelated issue.

  Removable Rehabilitation

  Fixed Rehabilitation

BPS Dentures Fixing

If you've lost a few teeth and don't need a whole set of false ones, partial dentures are what you need. BPS or "Bio-functional Prosthetic System" partial dentures were designed to combine advanced technology and materials with proven techniques, resulting in dentures with the best aesthetics, function and form. These are considered the best solution to tooth loss, providing patients with optimum function while laughing, speaking or eating.
The BPS system comes with a large number of benefits including natural appearance, less chair time, fewer adjustments, chewing ability, ultimate comfort and fit. You can smile, talk and eat with confidence with your BPS dentures.

Clearpath clear Tooth Aligners

ClearPath Aligners are USFDA APPROVED, removable medical grade plastic appliances which patient wears instead of brackets and wires to correct malocclusion. Dental aligners are a modern alternative to braces, for teeth that are in need of straightening.

 Since Clear aligners are removable, so it is easier to brush and floss after meals

 Clear aligners are easier to maintain and clean

 Clear aligners are cozy and do not irritate your gums and cheeks

Conventional & Invisible Braces

Straight teeth and a revitalized smile may no longer need to come from a mouth full of unattractive wire and bracket braces. Enhancing self-esteem and physical confidence, invisible braces offer an esthetic and barely visible alternative to conventional wire/bracket braces.

 Overbite or overjet

 Crowded or widely spaced teeth

 Crooked teeth